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Watch the Get Ready for Change online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Soloing the Changes

The song is in D major, and once again uses the ubiquitous I-V-Vim-IV progression. My first take on this would be to use D major pentatonic, as it works perfectly over the whole chord progression. Since the tempo is fairly quick and the chords change rapidly, I don't really suggest trying to make each of the changes, as we have talked about on previous songs. This can sound cumbersome, and not all that good really for a song like this.

I'll target one or two notes on one or two of the chords to mix in the D major pentatonic scale. Of course, then we're actually just using a D major scale, but in keeping with the course, I try not to think of it that way. For example, D major pentatonic does not contain the note G, but the chord progression does, so what do we do? We try to hit the G note on the G chord.