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Watch the Whispering: Full Arrangement online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from Solo Guitar Handbook

A few things to notice: At 2:15, I play a little chord riff on A7. This is called a walk-up and is a very common device in rhythm jazz guitar. Also, at 1:58 I play a Bbm6 instead of an A7. Really Bbm6 is just a cool voicing of A7: Take A7#5, add the b9 or Bb in the bass and voila! Ewe ave ze mineur six chord!

Since I'm improvising here, you may notice that I had to take my time. Always remember that since you're solo, you have all the time you want. Also, did you notice that I got into a little trouble at 2:22. Not really a mistake, I just was thinking for a second. And so, I just played the melody! Go back and listen to the version down once more and count how many times I just play the melody by itself with no chords at all. So, remember to punctuate the melody with chords on important words, and important downbeats, and for the rest, space is the place! Silence and melody are your friends and your safety net, always there to scoop you up and transport you to the next easy chord or downbeat!

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