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Watch the Nashville Number System Decoded online guitar lesson by Erich Andreas from Nashville Number System Decoded

The Nashville Number System not only gives you the means to communicate with other musicians in an intelligent way, it also gives you a fundamental understanding of music, chords and chord progressions in a way that you most likely have never thought about and in a way that will revolutionize your perspective of the fretboard and music itself. Having this new perspective will truly enlighten the way you view music, chord progressions, keys, and melodies.

We'll learn the foundational pieces that build this new perspective and then apply these concepts to real-world scenarios, charts, and songs. This new understanding will help you easily navigate songs and their progressions while decoding what your ears have heard all along. In my 30 plus years of playing and teaching guitar, the Nashville Number System alone has revealed the inner workings of music more than any other method or perspective that I've come across. If you TRULY want to improve your understanding of music, develop your ear, and know where to play on the fretboard in ANY key, you must understand this easy but game-changing method!