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Watch the Memorize The Neck online guitar lesson by Erich Andreas from Nashville Number System Decoded

We do need a basic understanding of the fretboard to optimize this method and get everything we possibly can out of it. In time, you'll have the fretboard "memorized," or better yet, you'll understand how to quickly navigate to or identify any and every note on the fretboard with ease. From Jimi Hendrix to Eddie Van Halen, this is where we all start! There are three concepts you need to be very familiar with:

  1. String names from low in pitch to high in pitch are: E, A, D, G, B, E. You can remember this with the word picture:
  2. Musical alphabet is A-G. There is no H and so on in music.
  3. Every note has a sharp, except for B and E. Remember the Beatles song: "Let it BE"