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Watch the Melodic Improv online guitar lesson by Allen Hinds from Melodic Improv

Hi, I'm Allen Hinds, and welcome to Melodic Improv. I've been teaching at Musicians Institute for 30+ years, and I've seen a lot of incredible players with incredible chops, but often their solos and improvisations sound a bit dry and lifeless. I think maybe this is because they follow harmonic rules and rhythmic approaches out of a book rather than let their ears and emotions guide their note choices and phrasing.

Of course, it's important to learn harmony and theory, but you can't let that part of it override the musicality. It's easy to forget how much fun playing guitar can and should be, and that's what I try to focus on in this course.

We'll start off examining some innovative new approaches to harmony and chords, then moving on to rhythm and timing. We'll explore applications of major scales and modal concepts, then we'll dig deep into soloing and improvisational techniques such as building on motifs. We'll work on emphasizing chord tones when playing over changes, and we'll also look at interesting altered scale options for playing over dominant chords. Those are just a few of the improvisational approaches we'll work through, but we'll also spend some time developing your legato technique to add fluidity and motion to your lines.

We'll put all these ideas to work over three performance studies and I'll break down select lines and highlights in detail, all of them based on original tunes of mine: "Confianca", "Falling Up", and "Just Get In". And the cool thing is, a lot of these examples and performances are tabbed and notated. You'll have the backing tracks to work with on your own. Plus, you can loop or slow down the video, tab and notation so you can work with the content at your own pace. So, grab your guitar, and let's have fun!

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