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Watch the Strategy 3: Think About Shape online guitar lesson by Jon Herington from Ear IQ: Soloing Strategies

Now, let's look at the solo for "She Reminded Me of You". Right away, I'm going for an aggressive tone and approach - the bending repeated notes and the sort of silly chromatic rise are a giveaway - this is supposed to be about abandon. It's sort of dumb and insistent right out of the gate, which fits the song, and happens to be a lot of fun to play. The arpeggio of the A7 chord seems humorous to me too, somehow - I think I was trying to have fun with this one. The trills on the D chord and the slide are pretty silly, too, come to think of it. But notice how I start out with that C# on the A chord, swoop down, then come back up, but not as far, to the F# on the D chord. Then it's back to the C# on the A chord, but when the next D happens, I'm up an octave higher on the F#. Then, as we get the new chord G, the harmony seems to be building up somehow, I go with it and play a similar figure up a fourth on the G chord, where the solo seems to peak. Then I do a bit more swooping around, because already we can hear that the chords are somehow winding down, and through a little chromatic humor again I get back up to the F# on the D chord, then with that kind of sighing descending line and the sort of show biz ending, I end up much lower down on the guitar as the solo winds down.