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Watch the Ear IQ: Soloing Strategies online guitar lesson by Jon Herington from Ear IQ: Soloing Strategies

Hi, I'm Jon Herington, and welcome to Ear IQ: Soloing Strategies. In the first edition of Ear IQ, I presented a simple and straightforward approach to learning how to play on chord changes that move into different keys. It's something a lot of students have asked me about, and it felt like an important and natural first course. For this second course, the people at TrueFire and I decided it would be a good idea to focus on my own lead guitar playing style. So, I wanted to feature 10 of my favorite recorded lead guitar solos, collected from various records and live performances I've done in the last several years. I'll be talking a bit about how to apply the material in my first course with these solos, also making sure to get these sounds and these strategies into your head and under your fingers.

We're going to take an in-depth look at these solos, analyze some of the chord changes and the notes I chose to play on them, and I'll try to give you some insight into how I think musically when I'm soloing on a tune. We'll look at character, style, shape, repetition, variation, flash, and more, and I'll discuss the choices of sound and technique that I made. I'll also talk about the various ways I work on the whole continuum of improvisation on the one end and composition on the other. We'll look at solos that were completely improvised, solos that were composed, and solos that were a kind of hybrid of the two.

But the whole idea here is to get your ears working. If you open your ears wide to all these strategies and think about them when you're listening to other people solo and especially when you're soloing yourself, you'll be on the right track to seriously raise your Soloing IQ. Ready? Grab your guitar, and let's get going!