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Watch the What Is Phrase Looping? online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Creative Looping Handbook

What is phrase looping?

Well, phrase looping is the recording of your musical ideas into a pedal based recording system that plays back through your guitar amp, studio monitors, or PA system. You can record and overdub multi-layered parts for instant live playback.

Looper pedals are ideal practice tools:

Want to work on your Mixolydian chops by jamming over a bluesy A13 chord vamp? Simply play and record your progression into the looper in the key you want at the perfect tempo.

Working out your song arrangements and studio overdubs? Play and record your parts into the looper by layering them in sequence to hear how they work together. If you don't like the part you played, you can use the undo function "on the fly" to erase the last part you recorded.

Live musicians use loopers to create a bed of chords for solos, backing tracks for entire songs, and even complex vocal arrangements all while performing live on stage. Creative looping has become an art in itself with annual world championship competitions!