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Watch the Creating Complex Arrangements online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Creative Looping Handbook

My first guitar part has a whole note spread chord for each measure as the foundation and harmonic pad. The second guitar part is basically a bass part playing the root in a sequence of shuffled eighths. The third guitar part is an upper triad voiced idea that rhythmically shifts across the beat to start on the second eighth note of the 2 beat in each bar. Guitar part four is a D pedal tone playing triplets. I muted this part to sit back in the mix, but add some energy and pace to the arrangement.

The next three guitar parts make up a three part melody which harmonizes in diatonic thirds. Guitar part eight is a solo guitar part in which I'm phrasing my ideas to add melody to the first three measures. This allows the lead harmony part to have the limelight in bar 4 each time. I hope you like it, you'll notice that I used my pickup selector to separate the tonalities as well.