Watch the Economy Picking online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 60 Electric Guitar Techniques You MUST Know

Along with sweep picking, economy picking serves a more economical way to play single note ideas. It's a form of alternate picking that calls for you to sweep the pick across strings when making your way to the next adjacent string. If you're ascending, you sweep down and vice versa. They key is to make the motion have the same resistance sweep picking calls for while still utilizing a fluid alternate picking wrist approach. Just like most techniques, but with the same emphasis as sweep picking, you must start out slow and be mindful of the technique when starting to learn it. Be patient and work at it. It will come, and when it does – look out!

While you're checking out Frank Gambale for sweep picking, keep in mind he may just well be the ultimate economy picker. Players that aspire to an Allan Holdsworth-level legato technique are commonly masterful economy pickers as well.

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