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Watch the 60 Electric Guitar Techniques You MUST Know online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 60 Electric Guitar Techniques You MUST Know

Welcome to 60 Electric Guitar Techniques You MUST Know. More so than any other instrument, the electric guitar presents guitarists with a seemingly endless range of right and left hand techniques to embellish their playing. In this course I'll demonstrate over 60 of the most popular techniques found in blues, rock, jazz, metal and other contemporary genres of music. I'll also show you how they're notated in standard notation and tablature to help you better understand sheet music and charts.

I've organized the handbook into 10 sections. They are...
  • Strumming
  • Picking
  • Legato
  • Slides
  • Bending
  • Harmonics
  • Tapping
  • Vibrato
  • Whammy Bar
  • Other Essential Techniques
The Other Essential Techniques section covers the various techniques and concepts listed here:
  • Alternate Tunings
  • Using a Capo
  • Double Stops
  • Barring
  • Palm Muting
  • Arpeggiation
  • Staccato
  • Accents
  • Pickscrapes
  • Slaps & Pops
  • Palm Punching
  • String Skipping
  • Volume Swell
  • Wah-Wah
I'll describe each of the techniques, give you a brief demonstration, show you how the notation will look in standard notation and tablature AND give you some tips for practicing the technique. It's all here!

Throughout my TrueFire catalog many of these techniques are covered in more depth, most notably in my Guitar Gym course series where I really dig in. Be sure to check the Description sections for links to those courses if you're looking to take your exploration into them further!

Let's do it to it!