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Watch the Guitar Lab: Chord Scales Vol. 1 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Chord Scales Vol. 1

Hi, I'm Brad Carlton and welcome to Guitar Lab: Chord Scales Vol. 1. In this course, we'll look at the concept of chord scales - one of the most useful tools for generating harmonic and melodic ideas. Through the use of intervals, we'll be studying the E major scale along the string axis on the 4 highest pitched strings of the guitar. Because the major scale has 7 different notes, each structure will yield 6 more structures. You'll be provided with 6 different jam tracks which vary only in the bass note. By playing the structures of each lesson over the 6 different jam tracks, you'll be playing in 6 different modes of the E major scale.

You'll be provided with charts explaining the major scale and its respective modes, and you'll also be encouraged to analyze a structure in terms of scale degrees which will allow you to apply these chord voicings against various harmonies. All the structures are plotted out on fingerboard diagrams to help you see this information on the neck.