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Watch the ii vi Progression online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Latin Rock Lead

Jam track number seven consists of two chords: Dm and Am. The Street key for this progression is D minor. Approach number one for soloing over these chords would be to use a D minor pentatonic scale. Approach number two for soloing over these two chords would be to view the theoretical key which would be C or F major. This is because the Dm and Am chords are a ii vi progression the key of C or a vi iii progression in the key of F. The respective modes would be D Dorian and A Aeolian if you're in the key of C, and D Aeolian and A Phrygian if you're in the key of F. For now we will view this progression as a ii vi in the key of C. Diagrams five and seven show these two modes with the arpeggio tones labeled in red scale degrees.