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Watch the Bull's Eye Blues Riffs online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Bulls Eye Blues Riffs

There is a parallel between clear communication in speech and strong melodic phrasing in music. Just as one would apply correct syntax and grammar while speaking in complete sentences, the same is true in music in terms of phrasing and note selection. This course is designed to equip you with strong blues-based melodic moves that will train you in fingerboard knowledge, theory, phrasing, and technique. You will learn how to maximize the application of the riffs by applying them to each of the chords of a 12 bar blues by playing them over the jam tracks. The jam tracks present a 12 bar blues shuffle in the key of A in four formats. Jam track one consists of the first four bars which are an A7 (I7). Jam tracks two consists of measures five through eight which are two bars of D7 (IV7) and two bars of A7 (I7). Jam track three consists of measures nine through twelve: E7 (V7), D7 (IV7), A7 (I7), and E7 (V7). This breakdown of the 12 bar blues into three sections will allow you to develop your ear and anticipate what the next chord changes are at all times. Jam track four is the entire 12 bar blues progression. You will also be supplied with fingerboard diagrams that will give you the names of the notes and the scale degrees to help you visualize this information on the neck. Each example will be presented in standard notation as well as tablature. I will present technical instruction in each video for executing these riffs. After you have learned a few of these examples you will be encouraged to assemble them into your own musical phrases.