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Watch the B Minor Pentatonic online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: What's In The Box

Notice the color coding of the borders of each two note-per-string scale form in diagrams one and two. This is to help you see the "sides" of each pentatonic scale form. The protocol for labeling each of these five scale forms is as follows; #1: locate the root of the minor pentatonic scale that you want to play with your index finger, #2: play the appropriate fingering associated with that string. The five forms depicted in diagrams one and two are as follows: fifth string root in second position, third string root in fourth position, six string root in seventh position, fourth string root in ninth position, and second string root in 12th position. These five scale forms can also be linked to the five chord forms of the EDCAG system. They are as follows: Am form in second position, Gm form in fourth position, Em form in seventh position, Dm form in ninth position, and Cm form in 12th position. Notice the five "boxes" that occur on each pair of adjacent strings. The sequence of shapes remains the same as you move up or down each string group. The "boxes" change shape on the second and third string group because of the different interval between those two strings.