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Watch the Bending With Style online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Bending with Style

This course is designed to examine various components of string bending which will increase your vocabulary and technical skills thus allowing you to play much more expressively in a vocal manner through the use of string pitch manipulation. You will receive 6 jam tracks in this course. One will strictly be bass and drums, 4 of them will include rhythm guitar supporting various harmonic approaches, and one jam track which has a solo. This course will stay exclusively on the 3rd string in the key of C through various scales including minor pentatonic, blues scale, Dorian mode, blues composite, and half-step whole step diminished. You will apply various techniques of the fretting hand including hammer ons, pull offs, legato slides, bends, releases, and pre-bends. You will also use just your right hand fingers to allow for greater tonal variation in dynamic approaches. The 10 examples will demonstrate various rhythmic approaches for a bend in release which will increase your expressiveness in your vibrato. You will learn how to keep the string ringing through left hand manipulation which will give a more vocal sound to your playing.