Watch the Triads: Level 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Workouts

This final Level 3 triads workout will have you play in a horizontally zigzag fashion once more, but this time starting from the 2nd inversion in the key of F. You'll play through the F major triads as you progress to the top string set. When you reach the 2nd inversion F major chord on the 3-2-1 string set you'll make a parallel change to E augmented/B# and proceed to zigzag your way back to the bottom string set where you'll make another parallel change to Fm/C. Notice again the tonal center shift at the major to augmented triad juncture. This is due to the bass note staying a C (B#) and not raising to a C# if the workout stayed in F. The same bass note approach will hold true for when the string of minor chords will change over to diminished triads in F# on the top string set. From there you'll flow through the same back and forth zigzag motions to the bottom string set where you'll come back to the initial F/C major triad that started it all.

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