Watch the Triads: Level 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Workouts

The final Level 1 triad workout will have you playing all four types of 2nd inversion closed triads across the neck vertically. You'll start out in the V position where all the 5ths of the chord will be played on the 5th fret. While workout #2 had you make changes to the lowest note for the minor and diminished triads, this workout calls for a shift of the lowest note when you play the augmented triads. Following suit once you make it to the top string set you'll shift up two-and-a-half steps or a perfect 5th to the X and XI positions where you'll descend the same triads.

Take note: Playing all three triad workouts in different keys is essential! So be sure to put the time in and move them around. To do so it's always important to know where the root is. For the root position chords you'll find the root on the bottom, hence the name; for 1st inversion you'll find the root on the top as the voicing is 3-5-1 and for 2nd inversion chords it will be in the middle as dictated by its 5-1-3 voicing.

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