Watch the Triads: Level 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Workouts

For the second triad workout you'll be playing 1st inversion shapes across the neck vertically in two different positions. You'll start out in the V position where all the 3rds of the chord will be played on the 5th fret. In addition to keeping an eye out for the fingering changes when you play the top two chords where the B-string is involved you'll also need to stay alert when it comes to the minor and diminished triads that call for a lowered 3rd thus making the lowest note in those chords on the 4th fret. Just as you did in workout #1 once you make it to the top string set you'll then shift up two-and-a-half steps or a perfect 5th to the X and XI positions where you'll descend the same triads.

If you're not yet up on playing chords with hybrid picking let this be an opportunity to get that technique going. It's a great way to play triads when it comes to control and clarity.

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