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Watch the Triad Chord Scales - Melodic Minor online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Chord Scales - Melodic Minor

Before engaging in the deluge of chord scale cycles (more on that later) that await you have the Prerequisite Workouts to help acclimate you to chord scale playing. Even if you have some experience with chord scale study it will be extremely beneficial to play through these Prerequisite Workouts first.

Prerequisite #1-3 Workout Groups all follow the same approach. You'll play through close voiced harmonized scales, or in non-guitar nerd terms, chord scales. All the chord scales will be built from a C harmonic minor parent scale. You'll always start on the top string set (3-2-1) ascending and descending in 3/4 time. You'll play through the diatonic chord scale order of:

Minor-minor-augmented-major-major-diminished-diminished, AKA m m aug M M dim dim.

Later in the course you'll learn these are Linear/Static Cycle 2 (ascending) and Cycle 7 (descending) sequences.

In regards to the commonly used roman numeral system aka the Nashville numbering system the chord scales would be seen as follows:

i - ii - bIII+ - IV - V - vi˚ - vii˚

The first three Prereq Workout Groups will progress down adjacent string sets: 3-2-1, 4-3-2 and 5-4-3 respectively. They will always start on the neighboring inversions relative to Workout #1A's starting C major triad. The 4-3-2 string set is a 2nd inversion chord scale and the 5-4-3 string set will be a 1st inversion chord scale. If you've gone through Guitar Gym :: Triads Level 2 Workouts you'll know exactly what's going on in regards to the starting points. It's all that horizontal chord tone hopscotch stuff!

* Take note: There will be no chord scales played on the lowest string set, 6-5-4, in this course. The shapes played on that string set are often not needed as they're considered muddy. At the same time the 6-5-4 shapes are identical to the 5-4-3 shapes so you're not missing out on any neck vision opportunities. All good!

Prerequisite Workout Group #4 follows an approach called "All-Per-Degree" as donned by the great Gerald Carboy - creator of the famed 7-Tone program href=
private-lessons/diatonic-7-tone/ target =
blank>7-Tone program
I teach. While I'll go into this in detail in Prerequisite Workout Group #4 Introductions know that the Chordal Gravity idea is contained within each All-Per-Degree sequence for each chord in each harmonized scale. Chordal what? Lemme explain...

Once you've mastered these four Prerequisite Workout sets you're as ready as you can be for the vat of chord scale cycles in following three Workout Groups. Good thing because it will be ON!

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