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Watch the Triad Chord Scales - Major online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Chord Scales - Major

Level 3 takes the idea of common tone voice leading to the next level with Cycle 3 and Cycle 6. This time around you will have not one, but two common tones. Dig this: Back to a root position C major triad, which is spelled C-E-G. In Cycle 3 the next change would be Em/B, which is spelled B-E-G. Both chords share an E and G in the middle and top voices and so will yours whenever you play them. With that in mind this is how the voice leading will play out in both Cycles:

Cycle 4: Middle/top - bottom/top - bottom/middle - middle/top, etc.
Cycle 5: Bottom/middle - bottom/top - middle/top - bottom/middle, etc.

This all happens from 90bpm-101bpm within 5 reps while making your final run back up to the 3-2-1 string set from 5-4-3.

When all said and done Cycle 3 and Cycle 6 chord scales starting on a root position I chord will flow as such:

Cycle 3: C - Em/G - G/B - Bdim - Dm/A - F/A - Am
Cycle 6: C - Am/C - F/C - Dm - Bdim/D - G/D - Em

You'll see the other two voice leading scenarios when you start to dig in to the Workouts. As for the roman numeral system or Nashville numbering system it would go like:

Cycle 4: I - IV - vii˚ - iii - vi - ii - V
Cycle 5: I - V - ii- vi - iii - vii˚ - IV

Here's how it works one last ime: Every Workout Group's first three Workouts will be eight bars in 4/4. The Workouts are split in four bar sections with the first starting out as Cycle 4 and ending in Cycle 5. The next four bars will reverse that by starting in Cycle 5 and end in Cycle 4. The fourth Workout will be what you're working towards in each Group with a six bar run in 7/4 up and down the 21 chord cycle. That's right, a non-stop 42 chord scale romp! Finally, all four Workouts will be played on all four three-string adjacent sets following the concept of Chordal Gravity and strictly adhering to Conveyor Belt Neck Vision.

And away we go!!