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Watch the Triad Chord Scales - Major online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Chord Scales - Major

Level 2 shifts from Cycle 2 and Cycle 7 to Cycle 4 and Cycle 5! Not only will you continue playing non-linear chord scales that sound completely musical, you'll also be getting your voice leading even more together with the introduction of common tones. This all happens from 76bpm-87bpm within 4 reps while making your way back up down to the 5-4-3 string set from the 3-2-1 string set.

Before looking into those check out at these examples of how a Cycle 4 and Cycle 5 chord scale will play out starting on a root position I chord:

Cycle 4: C - F/C - Bdim/D - Em - Am/E - Dm/F - G
Cycle 5: C - G/B - Dm/A - Am - Em/G - Bdim/F - F

You'll see the other two voice leading scenarios when you start to dig in to the Workouts. As for the roman numeral system or Nashville numbering system it would go like this:

Cycle 4: I - IV - vii˚ - iii - vi - ii - V
Cycle 5: I - V - ii- vi - iii - vii˚ - IV

Now, about that common tone thing. Both Cycles 4 and Cycle 5 have one common tone between each chord change. For example, a root position C major triad is spelled C-E-G. In Cycle 4 the next change would be F/C, which is spelled C-F-A. Both chords share a C as the lowest note and so will yours whenever you play them. Just as there's a pattern of inversions throughout these cycles so is there one when it comes to what voice the common tone will appear. It goes something like this:

Cycle 4: Bottom - middle - top - bottom, etc.
Cycle 5: Top - middle - bottom - top, etc.

OK, here's how it works once again: Every Workout Group's first three Workouts will be eight bars in 4/4. The Workouts are split in four bar sections with the first starting out as Cycle 4 and ending in Cycle 5. The next four bars will reverse that by starting in Cycle 5 and end in Cycle 4. The fourth Workout will be what you're working towards in each Group with a six bar run in 7/4 up and down the 21 chord cycle. That's right, a non-stop 42 chord scale romp! Finally, all four Workouts will be played on all four three-string adjacent sets following the concept of Chordal Gravity and strictly adhering to Conveyor Belt Neck Vision.

Ready for round 2?!