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Watch the Harmonic Minor: Prereqs online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Chord Scales - Harmonic Minor

The final group of Prerequisite Workouts take the triads you've been working with in myriad harmonized scale configurations and throws them into an approach called "All-Per-Degree" as donned by the great Gerald Carboy - creator of the famed 7-Tone program I teach. It goes like this: Starting with the I chord - in this case C minor - you'll play Cm, Cm/Eb, Cm/G and then boomerang back down with Cm/Eb and Cm. As you can see this is playing all three inversion possibilities per degree, hence the title. Take note: The boomerang vision is contained within each All-Per-Degree sequence for each chord in the harmonized scale.

You'll continue to play with this All-Per-Degree approach from each degree keeping the established parameters in play: No open strings and not playing any chords in the 13th position or above.

You'll start on the top string set (3-2-1) and work your way down to the 5-4-3 string set following the same logic. Warning: You MUST look ahead as there will be a lot of back and forth and jumping up and down the neck. It's all in the name of modulation and getting the most from your burgeoning triad vision.

One you've mastered these four Prerequisite Workout sets you're as ready as you can be for the actual Workouts. Good thing -because it will be ON!


Tempo range: 57bpm-59bpm
Repetitions: 2 reps