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Watch the Harmonic Minor: Prereqs online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Chord Scales - Harmonic Minor

In Prerequisite (Prereq) Workout #1A you'll play a root position close voiced harmonized scale (chord scale) in C harmonic minor ascending and descending on the top string set (3-2-1) in 3/4 time. Here and many, many times after you'll play through the diatonic chord scale order of: Minor-diminished-augmented-minor-major-major-diminished, AKA m dim aug m M M dim.

Beware after playing the B˚ (vii˚) chord you'll descend back down the order of chords starting with Ab (VI). In other words, don't continue up to the neighboring C minor (i). Remember, we're at the very beginning of starting to establish the "Chordal Gravity" that will allow us to more easily and successfully modulate these chord scales. To do that two key parameters must be in play at all times: No open strings and no chords played in the 13th position or above.

Prereq Workouts #1B and #1C will progress down the lower adjacent string sets - 4-3-2 and 5-4-3 respectively. The catch is they will start on the neighboring inversions relative to Workout #1A's starting C major triad. The 4-3-2 string set is a 2nd inversion chord scale and the 5-4-3 string set will be a 1st inversion chord scale. If you've gone through Guitar Gym :: Triads Level 2 Workouts you'll know exactly what's going on in regards to the starting points. It's all that horizontal chord tone hopscotch stuff!


Tempo range: 48bpm-50bpm
Repetitions: 2 reps