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Watch the Arpeggios: Level 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Arpeggios

Level 3 takes a completely different path with a series of arpeggios in the following order: Major, minor, diminished and augmented. This collection is based off two string 1st inversion arpeggios you'll play throughout the neck as you travel in octave and unison movements by way of diagonal direction. You'll also notice the 24 bar (four cycles of six per chord type) Workout is in two different time signatures! The first fours bars of each cycle are in 3/4, while the last two are in 4/4. The included Jam Track will be modified as compared to the others throughout the course with a ride cymbal at every downbeat in the 3/4 bars and a tom hit on the downbeat in the 4/4 bars. However, the countoff will be in 3/4.

This final set of arpeggios will once again present some fingering challenges in regards to some large intervallic stretches. Please approach these stretches slowly and carefully and never underestimate the possibility of injury. There's not an arpeggio in existence that is worth lost time with your guitar while nursing a preventable playing-related injury.

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