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Watch the Arpeggios online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Arpeggios

Level 2 presents full six-string arpeggios that are directly related to your Level 1 arpeggios. For example, the 1st inversion arps you started with in Level 1 | Workout #1 are the top half of the full-range arpeggios you start with in Level 2 | Workout #1. That approach will continue throughout Workout #2 and #3 at their onset as well.

At first glance of the charts you may notice Level 2 goes down the traditional road a bit by playing the arpeggios from low to high. Check out the "arc" on the charts - that's text book arpeggio notation! But, conventional approaches stop there. First, the flow of sounds is as follows: Major, minor, augmented and finally diminished. More importantly what's going on underneath hood in regards to the arpeggio's progression is something unique and totally useful for later use. Each Workout has the major arpeggios going down a tritone for a cool tritone sub sounding movement. This is followed by a pair of minor arpeggios that are in a descending i-iv progression. Next up is the augmented triads that are separated by a major third, which is relative to their chord formula of all major 3rds. Finally, the diminished arpeggios are spaced out in minor 3rds again matching the vibe of the chord's intervallic makeup. Ready?!