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Watch the Arpeggios: Level 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Triad Arpeggios

Workout #3 caps off your first impression with a series of arpeggios in the following order: Major, augmented, minor and diminished. This collection is based off a root position vision where the lowest note is indeed the root of the chord.

The first two sets of four bars - major and augmented - will have the arpeggios descending in major 3rds, which sounds great with moving major and augmented textures. The remaining two sets will have them descending in minor 3rds, which better compliments minor and diminished. Keep mind the my intent for you to be aware of the root of the arpeggio throughout your Workout. To do that I made each each lick starts and ends on the root of every last arpeggio you play here in Level 1!
This particular set has some semi-serious stretches, which is another reason why these Workouts are as high on the neck as they are. Your challenge waits you on the hi-E string, especially in minor and big time in diminished. Be careful and have fun!