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Watch the Tapping online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Tapping

Tapping is nothing but fun to play and always sounds cool even when you're playing something simple. In Level 2 you'll be doing single- and multi-string tapping in triplets and 16ths in the style of the great Eddie Van Halen. If you're still deciding what finger to tap with and whether or not you should have your pick in your hand I say this: Do what feels right. Everyone has their own approach and some, like me, have a few to choose from depending on the scenario. As for whether or not to have the pick in your hand - again, that's your personal preference. I find being comfortable with both is a very good thing.

Workout #1 is a single string triplet run on the high string. If you're a Nuno Bettencourt fan you may recognize this adapted progression from the ending of his infamous "Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee" solo. The playing pattern consistently has you tapping the high note, which then pulls off to the next note below and finally pulls-off to the lowest note. Simple, but totally cool. The sequences throughout the 12 bars in Workout #2 all spell out major arpeggios and are called out in the chord designations seen at the downbeat. The pattern is a series of I and V chords that set each other up as you progress. The sequence is the classic Van Halen-style tap-pull-hammer. More importantly, the Workout descends down the top three strings making this your first time making string changes with changing ideas.Good thing: Workout #3 descends down all six strings and shifts the playing rhythm to 16th notes while bringing in an open string making for a very cool parallel progression scenario per string! Ready?!