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Watch the Sweep Picking: Level 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Sweep Picking

The next Level 3 Sweep Picking Workout is again in 5/4 and makes use of all six strings. It goes through a juiced triadic harmonized scale in F that closes with a final tetradic-based Edim7 arpeggio. The sweep motions will have you playing in ascending and descending motions with legato instances on both E strings.

The triplet feel will feel right at home as you blaze through this workout even at 120 bpm or higher. It will especially feel good when playing the final two bars where the aforementioned Edim7 appears. That arpeggio is arranged in three-note chunks in two different setups and guides you from the 12th position all one down the neck to the top of chart where you start to play the 1st position F major arp once again.