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Watch the Sweep Picking: Level 2 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Sweep Picking

Level 2 kicks off with a Sweep Picking Workout in 7 that utilizes a similar vision from Level 1 Workout #3. You'll find yourself playing on the top four strings again in ascending and descending motions. The difference is this workout plays through two arpeggios in a diagonal fashion instead of one (for the most part). You'll start off with the now familiar top four string maj9 arpeggio from the root and then shift up a whole step for a descending 13#9 that ends on its major 3rd. Watch for the pull-off at the top of the dom7b5#913 arps that breaks up the sweeping stroke. That said, you may want to play that with a downstroke before using an upstroke to play the rest of descending pattern. Also, be alert for the final descending Ebm(4) arpeggio that you slide into at the end of the final bar!