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Watch the Sweep Picking online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Sweep Picking

Level 3 is what you've been building up to. The three workouts are made up of five and six string triad and tetrad arpeggios that move all over the neck. Resting points are off the table and legato moves plentiful. In fact, they're everywhere! If you've followed the Guitar Gym Schedules and Rules closely and you've maintained the needed focus on the resistance against the strings as well as timing and overall clarity within your sweep picking technique, then you're ready for this.

Workout #1 throws five different five string tetrad arpeggios your way that have multiple legato instances within their patterns. These are my favorite two-note/one-note-per-string arpeggio arrangements. Play them with valor. Workout #2 sets you off on an up and down romp of all six string in 5/4 within a harmonically enhanced progression in F starting in the 1st position and ending in a dizzying run down the neck within a segmented Edim7 arpeggio. It's awesome! Capping it all off is a perplexing progression of tetrad arpeggios again in 5/4 that start off with a new take on six string arpeggios that have you playing two-notes-per-string all the way up the neck! You'll follow those runs with descending five string tetrad arps that slickly flow back to the six string versions by way of a descending slide. Oh yeah!