Watch the Speed Picking online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Speed Picking Workouts

The Level 1 Speed Picking Workouts are a set of open string-based drills that makes use of all six strings starting on the high E. The trick is as you play each open string with 16th notes you'll be dropping calculated hammer-on instances that descend down the neck. Watch for what I call "resting points". They're at the end of the second bar at the upbeat of 4 where you have the open string ring out for an 1/8 note breaking up the onslaught of 16ths giving your hands and head some time to rest and get back in the fight. Though not a big break it works out considering the simplicity of the workout. Also, the hammer-ons played throughout gives your picking hand a breather, too. While the first workout plays through a single A mixolydian scale the following two introduced multiple scale ideas!

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