Watch the Speed Picking online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Speed Picking Workouts

Chops: Our heroes have them and we all want them. In order to get them you gotta do what any other person training to better themselves in some way would do - get to the gym! Well, that's exactly what you’re going to do - welcome to the Guitar Gym series. No matter what level you're at or if you have various strong and weak points in your technique, Guitar Gym has you covered. Each course is comprised of a collection of leveled workouts waiting for you to dig into.

Here in Guitar Gym Triads those infamous three-note chord voicings that seem to pop up in just about every style of music. Split into three leveled sections Guitar Gym Triads throws you right into the fire with these close (or closed) voiced grips in their three configurations – root position, 1st inversion and 2nd inversion. Each level is split up into three workouts made up of 13 video segments starting with the overview where I'll give you a quick synopsis of what's in store. The following 12 videos are the three workouts further split up into three tempos - slow, medium, fast - that all have an accompanying introduction video where I explain the ins and outs on how to play the workout. Each workout is clearly laid out for you in Power Tab and will be readily available for you to download right from the TrueFire player. In the three actual workout videos I will play through the workout for the amount of time I prescribe in the overview and introduction videos so you always have me right there with you (in various views) as you sweat it all out here in Guitar Gym.
At the heart of any drilling regimen including this one is precise timing. It not only keeps things orderly in all aspects of music, but it also serves as a guide and indicator as to how you're progressing. What's more, anyone who has been in the chops shed knows that one of the most important practices is to increase the tempo incrementally one-by-one. While the three parts of each workout will be presented in a slow-medium-fast fashion in regards to tempo, it's up to you to take the workout into your own shed and incrementally up the tempo while you practice, preparing you for the next tempo mark. Dig?
Let's do it to it!

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