Watch the Scales: Level 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Scales Workouts

This second Level 3 Scales Workout blows out the F major modal system into a more horizontal vision that makes its way up the neck via three-note-per-string sequences. Starting in the 1st position you play through sort of a helix pattern where you play up one mode (say Ionian) and come down the next (Dorian, for example). Once you tackle this workout I strongly encourage you to go back and start the Ionian mode in a descending fashion and turn the whole thing upside down!

As always, be sure to lock up with me timing-wise, play with consistent alternate of hybrid picking and relax. In regards to the latter - that's the real deal to getting your chops in order. As much as you can relax at the higher tempi is how much better you will sound.

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