Watch the Scales: Level 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Scales Workouts

The kick-off level 3 Scales Workout runs you through the C major mode system on the top three strings. Starting with the root of what I call a "one octave cell" you make the jump up to the octave and descend the cell. You continue this approach through the 7 modes of C major with a visit back to G mixolydian in bar 8 to turn it all around.

If you've played through the Scales Workouts in Levels 1 and 2 then you should be familiar with my quest to have the focus on the higher string sets especially when first approaching a new melodic concept or device. Why? Because that's where it's at! All the cool ideas we love to noodle with when it comes to lick construction and improvising for the most part happens up there. So, that's where your first impression should be.

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