Watch the Scales online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Scales Workouts

Next up is a trio of Scale Workouts that will have you knee deep in the major or diatonic mode system. By now you should be studying this collection of seven scales and these three Workouts will prove to be a great source to drill them into your psyche.

The first two Workouts have you play through the modes with a relative approach. Meaning, they're all in the same key. It's in the third and final Workout where you'll throw the gloves off and tackle the modes in a parallel scheme. While this is by far the more difficult way to play them it is no doubt the best as you will really "hear" the intended modal colors. No matter what Workout you work through be sure you're adhering to the four minute suggestion.

Keep in mind, this is but a glimpse as to what you can do with modes and any collection of scales for that matter. If you're thinking you want to delve further into modes be sure to get a hold of my TrueFire course, Modes That Matter. Not only will you get the skinny on 13 modes and scales that matter most, you'll also find a mind boggling amount of fingerings contained within The Source Book - the scale book to end all scale books.

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