Watch the Working Out in the Gym online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Power Chord Workouts

Developing great chops is not about just mindlessly drilling an exercise over and over. There has to be a method to the madness

First and foremost you need to create what I call in my Guitar Gym Sherpa classroom a Workout Schedule. My Workout Schedules carve out a set amount of time on set days of the week that slot out precisely what it your going to play. This helps big time and results are inspiring to say the least! And, this is not as much time as you might expect. If you're working on just one skill such as the one here in this course you need but 15-30 minutes a day depending on how many Workouts you want to drill down. That said, you could set it up so you do a morning and evening session. The key is focused, disciplined practice time with a metronome. Just stick to your "WS" and let your fingers do the rest!

Speaking of focus and discipline when starting to put together your own WS keep this mantra in mind: You absolutely must start out playing the Workouts slow and gradually climb up the tempo ladder to the top tempo tier. No if's, and's or lazy butts about it. Even if you think you can play the Workout at the medium tempo, trust me, knock it down to the lowest tier and build. You may be masking playing anomalies you don't even know are there by jumping into passages at a medium to high tempo. Slowing down what you're playing will reveal what you may need to work on. Do it!

Not only does starting out at the lowest tempo tier ensure you'll get the most out of your practice time, but it will also help to prevent any injuries. Notice I mentioned 15-30 minute Workout Schedules, spaced out if you want to do more, and not marathon sessions. Playing in reasonable blocks of time is much safer way to build your muscle memory as well as help you attain the ultimate skill in playing proficiently on the guitar: The art of relaxation. If you're relaxed and keeping your practice time calculated and spaced out, you'll be safe successful.

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