Watch the Power Chords: Level 2 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Power Chord Workouts

In this next Power Chord Workout we're going to slightly add to the first Workout by adding the octave root on the top of the chord. We're also going to move the vertical idea up three frets (a minor 3rd). Again, the key here is to play all the chords clearly, keep the pressure applied to each grip as steady and consistently as you can and to keep the transition clean. Be mindful of the top string set voicing (in this case Eb5) where I play a 4th finger barre for the 11th fret Bb and Eb. While you can employ a different approach, from my experience, this one will garner the best results. But, if need be, switch the fingers to what works for you. In the end, it's YOUR Workout!

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