Watch the Power Chords: Level 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Power Chord Workouts

The final Level 1 Power Chord Workout will have you make a string set change when going from the V position A5 - rooted off the 6th string - to the V position D5, which is played on the next adjacent string set rooted off the 5th string. The most important aspect of playing any chord change is to play it cleanly. In this instance all you have to do is move two fingers that are already formed to play the chord you're going to - use that to your advantage! When doing so be sure when making the change to the D5 your fret hand 1st finger not only frets the 5th fret D root, but also makes slight contact with the lower adjacent 6th string to help ensure you won't hear it. Get that dampening technique down NOW and you'll always play power changes with great results, I promise.

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