Watch the Power Chords: Level 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Power Chord Workouts

No matter what style(s) of music you're going to pursue power chords will surely be a part of playing it. While these chords have a few ways they can be played more often than not it will come down to the two note grip we have here. In these three Level 1 Power Chord Workouts we'll work through three essential approaches. First up will be playing a pair of two-note voiced power chords rooted on the 6th string ala the power chord pioneer, Tony Iommi (just try and find an instance where he plays power chords on another string set!). Upping the ante just a bit we'll go into a four chord change that will have you moving up and down the neck continuing to play 6th string rooted power chords. This will be a great workout for looking ahead as well as nailing chord changes as cleanly as possible. The third and final workout set will close things out with a two chord change that has you playing power chords from one string set (6th-5th) to another (5th-4th). Don't laugh - it's harder than you think.

Ready? Let's do it.

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