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Watch the Hybrid Picking: Level 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Hybrid Picking

Let's start with playing the series of arpeggios in what I call "basic forms" where you play the arps in the same direction both ascending and descending. The first half will have all forward motion arpeggios while the second half will have all backward motion arps. You'll play the first three arpeggios - D (I), Em (ii) and F#m (iii) - on the bottom three strings. The next string set will play only the IV and V chords, which are G and A. Switching over to the 4-3-2 set you'll play one of each type - Bm (minor), C#dim (diminished) and D (major). Finally, on the top string set you'll play a pair of minor (Em and F#m) and major arps (G and A). At the end of every 3rd bar you'll have a motif helping to make the Workout more musical. Each one will have its own way of being played so be sure to watch the Introduction videos for how to play them.