Watch the Hammers & Pulloffs: Level 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Hammers and Pull-Off Workouts

There's no doubt: Three-notes-per-string sequences are a MUST know. In these next three Level 3 Workouts you'll work through the three most common sequences - whole step/whole step, whole step/half step and half step/whole step - using hammer-on and pull-offs. Starting with a sinister string descending idea where you'll play those sequences with a gaggle of relevant fingerings. Simply play the first note of each sequence with the relevant pickstroke courtesy of your pick hand and then proceed to play the series of hammer-ons and then pull-offs. Be sure to come down on the string with a bit of force and accuracy with the finger when playing the hammer-ons and then use a strong flicking motion for the pull-offs. Both approaches will produce a stronger, more clear sounding articulation.

Notice there's a new rhythm in the form of triplet eighth notes. This should be pretty painless making the transition to three-part subdivision of the quarter note given the pattern. Just evenly count 3s in the span one beat and you have it. Of course, you'll be playing along with me throughout the four minute workout so you can pick up the feel from there as well.

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