Watch the Hammers & Pulloffs online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Hammers and Pull-Off Workouts

Most of the scale fingering patterns you'll encounter will contain some sequence of three-notes-per-string instances. In these next three workouts you'll work through the three most common: whole step/half step, half step/whole step and whole step/whole step. To do this you'll be playing through three workouts where you'll be exploring how to play these sequences with hammers-ons and pull-offs. From a quirky, yet challenging single string descending chromatic workout to a bare bones top three string descending workout to a full six-string -quasi-positional freak out these workouts will push your hammer-ons and pull-offs to the next level for sure. And, you'll have a blast doing it!

Some reminders to keep in mind as you play through each of the workouts are play the suggested pickstrokes, make sure you come down on the each hammered note with the force and accuracy needed, pull the pull-offs towards the floor and most important: RELAX. Don't forget, these workouts are all about hammer-ons and pull-offs. Making sure each and every hammer-on/pull-off is played with the suggested nuances as well as the accuracy needed helps the articulation come through clean and clear. Finally, making sure you relax will help ensure you PLAY WITH NO PAIN. If at any time you feel pain past a little muscle soreness, STOP. Take a breather, stretch, come back later - just DO NOT play in pain. It does no good - only serious bad. Got it?

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