Watch the Hammers & Pulloffs: Level 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Hammers and Pull-Off Workouts

Kicking things off is a workout where you'll play a series of hammer-ons and pull-offs up the neck on a single string. You're going to work through playing both legato techniques on the B string in an ascending chromatic fashion. You'll start off playing hammers in the 1st position then switch to pull-offs in the 2nd position and continue that pattern up the neck. Once you get to where your 1st finger is fretting the 8th fret (8th position) you'll jump back down to the 1st fret (1st position). That said, on your own feel free to take it even higher!

Be sure to play every "single-instance" with the suggested down or upstroke, but try not to play it with an accent. The point here is to produce strong hammer-ons and pull-offs that sound equal in volume to the picked note. While you'll pick every fretted note you may later feel your hands getting strong enough where you can make this a totally legato workout eschewing any sort of picking and just using hammer-ons and pull-offs throughout. But, don't be hasty. Make sure you focus on the task at hand - building strong hammer-ons and pull-offs!

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