Watch the Arpeggiation online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Arpeggiation

The Level 3 Arpeggiation Workouts are centered around a combination of adjacent and nonadjacent picking patterns as well as rapid chord changes and variables within each chord. Workout #1 plays through a progression of E-based chord qualities in the open position that all contribute to a descending melodic line. The following workout moves horizontally down the neck in I-V instances that all feature open first and second string chime factor. The trick is accurately playing the ever-changing arpeggiation patterns. The final workout of the course continues a horizontal approach, but in a zigzag fashion with passing two-note chord fragments on beat 4 of each of the six bars of 4/4. This is a series of very cool workouts that you'll be rocking for four minute increments!