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Watch the Arpeggiation online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Arpeggiation

Level 2's Arpeggiation Workouts are centered around must-know 6th and 5th string rooted barre chords (in CAGED lore these would be the E and Am shapes respectively). Workout #1 starts with a consistent adjacent string picking approach through a V-i change in myriad key centers all over the neck. Workout #2 takes those same cadences, but breaks up the pattern with non-adjacent string instances as well as a mysterious open first string insertion in the 5th string rooted minor chords. The final workout breaks up the patterns even more, maintains the open first string introduced in Workout #2 and brings in sus2 chords at the tail end of the even numbered bars.

This series of workouts will challenge not only your emerging arpeggiation picking techniques, but also your overall stamina. It's difficult to hold down barre chords like this for extended periods of time. At this level I'm assigning you three minute playing durations, so I suggest you work up to this at your own pace and be careful doing so. Your health is of the utmost importance. Play smart so you can continue to do just that.