Watch the Alternate Picking: Level 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Alternate Picking Workouts

Level 3 Workout #1 is an A Major scale chopped up into 5ths. The chopping goes like this: You'll play a note or scale degree and then play the 5th from that note before going to the next scale degree. In the case of the A Major scale we have here you'll play a 5th fret A on the 6th string and then an E on the 7th fret of the 5th string. From there you'll do the same thing from each successive degree until the top pair of notes includes the highest not in the scale (in this case that's a 1st string, 7th fret B).

The Workout is split into two six bar halves flowing in what I call "basic motions" where you play the intervals in the same direction both ascending and descending. The top half will be in a forward motion where you'll play a degree-interval direction while the second half will be a backward motion that calls for interval-degree. This sets up a situation where you're picking only on the outsides of both adjacent and non-adjacent string pairs.

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