Watch the Alternate Picking online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym: Alternate Picking Workouts

Now it's time to dig in on some Level 3 Alternate Picking Workouts. By now you've been diligently working on all kinds of ways to improve this technique, but now we're gonna get into some approaches that will really get you thinking. These next three Workouts will serve as an approach that can be taken to any scale once you get your head and hands wrapped around the idea.

When it comes to alternate picking on multiple strings it's all about getting from one string to the next and there's two ways to do it - from the outside and inside of the strings. This set of Workouts will not only have you "pivoting" the pick on the outside borders of the strings, but also on the inside where it's a little more challenging. All of this will be done within a 5th position A Major scale chopped in diatonic 5ths.

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