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Watch the Weekly Workout #48 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts: Vol. 6

This is the 48th and final Weekly Workout for 2015. Since the first week of the year I've consistently produced a weekly playing challenge to help improve chops for both myself and Guitar Gym. For me the challenge was to make it all happen in about an hour. It was also a challenge to work around the construction of my new studio that you see here in this video. Good things are going to happen here!

Weekly Workouts have been a lot of fun and I look forward to the next round whenever that may be. Right now it's time to get in holiday mode.

For this Workout, I just sat down and played something. No thought, no preconceived plan, without an intent to compose. I just played and what came out was some of my favorite things ;-] The point was to play what I like to play and what I played was this Am lick, which incorporates a m7 tetrad arpeggio, hybrid picking, legato, string skipping, tapping, sliding, bending and wide intervals.

In the end all the challenges you take on to help improve your playing should get you to a place where you can play what you like. This four bar lick is an example of techniques I've worked really hard at and I really like to play with. So much so they come natural to me now. When you get there you've won the battle. And, of course, you're that much better equipped for the next one.

Have fun with it!