Watch the Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts: Vol. 5 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts: Vol. 5

Welcome to the Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts series! These courses are made up of eight weekly challenges I give my Online Classroom students in the mighty Guitar Gym through TrueFire’s Online Private Lessons program. To get the full gist of what’s behind Weekly Workouts, let me give you a little background info...

Guitar Gym is my game-changing TrueFire Online Classroom that caters to chops building endeavors across the globe and gave life to the popular Guitar Gym Course Series. Guitar Gym has a lot to offer, but at the core is what I call "workouts". Workouts are specifically designed challenges that help develop your playing so you can become the monster you want to be. There are hundreds of them across five levels of skills such as alternate picking, hybrid picking, legato, tapping, triads, and more.

The Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts series are made up of a unique type of workout from the 'Gym called "Weekly Workouts" where I design, produce and unleash a spontaneous challenge every week for my 'Gym members. While Weekly Workouts are meant to be mildly challenging, the priority is to make them playable, concise, and fun to work with. This is perfect for my busier members who are on the go a lot and sometimes just want a bite-size morsel to chew on during a hectic week. As for members deep in the shed, Weekly Workouts provide a change of pace and something fresh every week. They range from skills already built into Guitar Gym, to ones I'm developing for the 'Gym, to ones I'm working on myself for my own recordings and gigs.

Here in Volume 5, you will find Workouts that help with alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, chord changes, walking bass lines, neck vision concepts by way of a challenging pentatonic fingering, one of my own techniques called “punch comping” and finally the ever-important subject of bending.

The setup of each Weekly Workout is consistent. I'll open with a quick summary of what's to come, then I'll play the workout at half speed. This performance will be followed by a detailed break down that leads right into me playing the workout at the intended tempo I hope to see you work it up to.

I provide a Guitar Pro file as well as a PDF file with each Weekly Workout. From there all you need is a metronome, your axe, and the desire to get better!

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